Criteria for abstract selection

  1. All abstracts must be submitted online not later than 29 February 2020
  2. Authors can submit more than one paper.
  3. Papers must not have been published elsewhere.
  4. Abstracts must be submitted in English
  5. Material presented in abstracts must be concise and coherent, with the focus of the abstract stated clearly.
  6. Abbreviations should be spelled out, in parenthesis, in its first use in the abstract
  7. The authors must make explicit what they intend to present.
  8. Relevant contextual information must be given.
  9. Upon submission, authors will receive a confirmation by email. Please ensure that your email address is correct at the time of submission. It is therefore incumbent upon the author to ensure that the spelling, grammar, and syntax are of an academic publishing standard.
  10. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select and assign the abstracts relevant to the sessions for oral or poster presentation. All presenting authors of the abstracts (oral, poster) are required to register and pay for the registration fee by the deadline in order for the abstract to be presented.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract title: The title has a maximum word limit of 12 words and must be brief, informative and concise
  • Special symbols and formatting should be used sparingly
  • Tables and images cannot be included in your abstract
  • Authors: Please enter your name and ALL your colleagues' authors in the order and the form you wish them to appear in the final programme in the order in which you wish them to appear in the printed text. Names omitted here will NOT be printed in the author index or the final programme. Please note that only named authors are permitted to present
  • Content: Each abstract must contain sufficient details for evaluation. Make the abstract as informative as possible. Clearly indicate the aims and conclusions supported by data. Results stated in the abstracts must be complete (though concise) and final. Organize the body of the abstract as follows: (a) Introduction; (b) Objectives; (c) Methodology / process; (d) Results /outcomes and (e) Conclusion
  • Maximum number of words: The abstract text should have a minimum of 250 words and maximum of 300 words only
  • If you wish to include key words and references; they must be included in the body of your text and within the 300 word count

 For original research please include the following headings:

  • Objective: State the primary objective of the paper and the major hypothesis tested or research question posed
  • Design: Describe the design of the study and the rationale for the procedures adopted.
  • Method: Describe how participants were selected and the number of participants (if documentary data used, state how these were selected), materials employed (if appropriate), methods of data collection and analysis
  • Results: Include numerical and/or textual data. This should be kept to a minimum and should not include tables or figures. For qualitative analyses briefly describe your findings (e.g. identified themes, categories).
  • Conclusions: State the conclusions that can be drawn from the study (including for future research, practice, policy and/or theory)

 For case studies or case report please include the following headings:

  • Objective: state whey this cases is reported (what is special about it)
  • Case report: Briefly describe the case
  • Discussion: Briefly discuss the implication of this case on practice
  • Conclusion


We would like to inform you due to the international health environment which is not possible.

The Board Member of AOGIN International decided to postpone the AOGIN Meeting 2020 Bali Event for an indefinite period of time.

Please Contact Us by email if you have question.