Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, Indonesian Social Gynecology and Obstetrics Association, and the Asia-Oceania Research Organisation in Genital Infection and Neoplasia (AOGIN), we are delighted to invite you to participate in the Annual AOGIN meeting in Bali, Indonesia from April 18th-19th April 2020. 

Cervical cancer is 2nd most common female cancer in Indonesia. There are about 93.15 millions reproductive women ages 15 and above who are at risk to cervical cancer.  There has been many initiatives and programs that focus on early diagnosis and prevention of cervical cancer in Indonesia to reach our goals in the elimination of cervical cancer.

Our focus on this conference is “Collaboration towards the elimination of Cervical Cancer in Asia-Oceania.” There will be lectures from local and invited speakers, workshops, and research presentations for the related topics, AOGIN board and regional meetings. Together we will plan reliable and strong plans on Cervical cancer eliminations in the Asia-Pacific Regions. We also provide you with a pre-congress tour for you to enjoy the exotism of Bali.

I would like to thank the committee and everyone who contributes in this event. Hopefully, we can achieve the goals of this conferences.

Bali is a wonderful island and we would like to take this opportunity to host you for an unforgettable experience!


Yours sincerely,


Dwiana Ocviyanti

We would like to inform you due to the international health environment which is not possible.

The Board Member of AOGIN International decided to postpone the AOGIN Meeting 2020 Bali Event for an indefinite period of time.

Please Contact Us by email if you have question.